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Small Gardens

For entertaining and relaxing

These gardens range from 30m2 to 60m2. Small gardens are very common with new build properties or urban plots. Having a little more space to play with means you can introduce a few more garden elements to improve the space. Some current favourites include BBQ areas, raised beds and patio areas for entertaining. Take a look through our current designs and select a garden to suit you.

The Arwell

The Arwell Garden Render

Create a family play area which includes soft play surfaces like bark mulch. Perfect for protecting toddlers and small children against bumps and spills.

The Newlyn

Newlyn Garden Render

Including raised beds into your design helps to create height, structure and a perfect opportunity to try your hand and growing your produce.

The Rhigos

Rhigos Garden Rendering 1

Exploded patios, natural stone structures and growing areas are all included within these simple yet elegant designs.