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  • Are you insured and qualified?
    Yes we are. We are covered by employee and public liability insurances. Every member of the team has experience and qualifications with the garden design and construction industry.


  • What size is my garden?
    We have organised our gardens in size order to make them easier to explore.
    Once you have measured the area of your garden you will know which category you fall into. Length x Width = Square Metres (m2)

    Courtyard Gardens = up to 30m2
    Small Gardens = 30m2 – 60m2
    Medium Gardens = 60m2 – 90m2
    Large Gardens = above 90m2
  • How do I work out the size of my garden?
    The easiest way to get a rough calculation of your gardens area is to measure the length and width of the garden, then multiply those numbers together.
    For example: Length (5 metres) Width (3 metres) Area= 5m X 3m = 15m2
    But don’t worry if you’re stuck. We can come and measure up for you.


  • Can I change the colour of the structures in my garden?
    Yes you can. We can paint your fence, pergola, out-building or decking any colour you like.
  • Can I mix and match gardens on the website?
    Yes you can. You can choose any combination of components displayed on our website. During the site visit we can then advise you on the perfect positioning of those components within your garden.
  • Can you advise on plants for my garden?
    Absolutely! We are horticultural trained and can therefore advise or supply and plant, to satisfy your soft landscaping needs. Just ask us.
  • Can I change my garden elements?
    Of course! You can change your mind as often as you like up until the time we start to install the garden. But don’t worry, our 3D modelling software will show you exactly what you have chosen before we start any work.
  • What do I need to do?
    Once you have chosen your garden and arranged a site visit, we do everything else! The only thing we would appreciate is, if you have any pets, that you clean up after them before we arrive to start installing your new garden.
  • How long does it take?
    Unfortunately we can only offer you an estimated timescale because we are at the mercy of the great British weather! As a guide a small/medium garden should take around 7 days from start to finish. Once we have produced your quote we will have a better idea of what is involved in your design and how long it will take. We aim to complete our projects to the highest standards not the quickest time scales.
  • My garden isn’t the same shape as the one I have chosen on the website, is this ok?
    Yes. Remember that you are buying the materials that make up that garden design. We can shuffle them around and tailor them to suit your individual needs. This will ensure that your garden is the perfect garden for you.
  • Do I need planning permission to change my garden?
    Some properties such as listed or conservation areas require planning, however generally as long as a garden structure is below 2.4m from ground level and fencing is 2m or below, planning is not required.
    More information is available at
    All our structures and fencing are under the required heights.


  • How do I pay for the work?
    At present you can pay by BACS, cheque or cash. We hope to have a mobile credit card facility operational very soon.
  • How much does a site visit cost?
    We charge £20 for a site visit. This visit is normally about an hour long.
  • Why does it say preparation work is not included in my estimate?
    Please be aware that the pricing section of this website is used as an estimate not a quote. A quote will be provided only once we have conducted a site visit. This is because we cannot price for preparation work or waste removal without actually seeing your garden.


  • Is there a warranty on timber structures?
    Warranty is subject to proper installation and normal residential use.
    Our timber structures carry a 10 year warranty against damage by insects and fungal decay on all Pressure Treated Wooden components. This does not include non-pressure treated wooden parts and Accessories; Swings, Monkey Swings, Trapezes, Knotted Ropes, etc. Accessories and all other parts including Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers, Slides etc are covered for 1 year against manufacturing faults.
    Timber is a natural product that will change colour over time and also adapt to various weather conditions. Cracks that may appear are perfectly normal and should not affect the overall strength and durability of the timber. The wood may also contain Knots and Knot Holes. These are not covered by the warranty as these naturally occur in all pressure treated wood.
    No warranty is offered on Products subjected to abuse, negligence, improper use, acts of God, modifications or attachment to equipment other than our own.
    Non-residential use of the systems is prohibited and will void warranty as the systems are designed for residential use only.

*If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.