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About Us

How it works

Our simple approach to landscape gardening puts you in control.  All you need to do, to receive your instant on-line estimate, is follow 3 simple steps:

1) Measure the area of your garden in metres. (Length x Width = Area in square metres)

2) Select a garden from our carefully crafted designs. Choose from Courtyard, Small, Medium or Large gardens.

3) Contact Summer Gardens to arrange a visit and begin the installation. We need to visit you in order to advise on any garden clearance, garden access, added features and answer any of your questions.

We will then tailor your requirements to create your perfect and unique garden.


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Our philosophy

We believe that people know what they want, where they want it and how much they want to pay for it, so we designed a company that allows you to do just that. We want you to decide what features you want in your garden and where you think they should go, we will then tell you how much it will cost and supply and install them for you. It couldn’t be easier.

Our passion

The team at Summer Gardens have spent over 30 years working within the domestic landscaping market so we are very experienced in the industry. In 30 years we have successfully completed thousands of horticultural projects, all to the very highest standards. We can guarantee that you will be impressed with our professional service.

Our vision

Domestic gardens in the UK cover over 1 million acres –  how many of those gardens need improving? Probably rather a lot of them! This inspired us to create a simple, fuss-free way of landscaping your garden. Just want some turf, a patio and a fence? No problem!